We’re in the Business of Health

Supporting access to quality, cost-effective care is at the heart of HCSC. Our work is designed to expand coverage options, close gaps in preventive care, and invest in organizations that advance equitable access to critical services.

Through HCSC health plans in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, we offer coverage options for large and small employers, plans for individuals and families, as well as Medicare and Medicaid coverage and care coordination.

HCSC affiliates and subsidiaries allow us to offer related health care products and services, such as life, dental, health technology and pharmacy solutions.

Access to Care

HCSC offers members access to a broad network of health care providers. Our provider partnerships range from establishing primary care clinics in communities where care is needed to investing in and assisting physician and other provider groups maintain their independence and improve the quality and affordability of their services.

HCSC is focused on creating holistic, value-based care models that address the gaps and fragmentation in health care. Through our value-based payment models and investments in provider enablement solutions, we strive to drive accountable care, address affordability, and partner to achieve systemic transformation that increases access to coordinated, high-quality care and equitable outcomes for our members.

HCSC also works to ensure the care provided is high quality, and cost-effective. We negotiate with providers to help ensure members are getting the most for their health care dollars -  often tying reimbursement to quality health outcomes.

Condition Management and Coordination

HCSC’s suite of transparency tools also help members make more informed decisions when they need to access care. Whether online or by phone, these tools help members cut through the confusion to easily find information they need to take control of their health and related expenses, highlighting differences in cost and quality among providers. We use integrated technology to help employers and members better identify, navigate, understand, and pay for health care services that meet their evolving needs. And we prioritize protecting our data to provide our members with peace of mind.

HCSC is focused on helping members reach their health and wellness goals. Our wellness solution provides members and employer customers with a more robust way to experience wellness that involves member rewards, mobile apps, personalized wellness communications, nutrition coaches and fitness memberships.

Plans may offer: 

  • Condition management for members who are at risk for or already have a chronic condition
  • 24/7 Nurseline access
  • Fitness programs
  • Member websites and apps providing around the clock access to health plan information, tools, and online services such as our cost estimator tool to research and estimate costs of services and treatments.

Healthy Outcomes for All

HCSC works hard to provide  members with the most innovative, cost efficient and helpful tools to manage their health. Our programs address a wide spectrum of needs from optimizing health to enhancing doctor visits, and each is built upon proven methods.

Through community investments, business choices and support for employee volunteers, we strive to advance economic opportunity, food security and other factors that create pathways to health.

Last Updated: Sept. 05, 2023