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Expanding access to improve health

We're helping build strong communities

Optimal Health Outcomes

Collaborating to close gaps in care

With our mobile health programs, neighborhood centers and community partners, we’re expanding access to immunizations, diabetes care, cardiovascular care, behavioral health, early detection cancer screening, and maternal and infant health.


immunizations and other preventive health services through our mobile health programs in 2023


at-home colorectal cancer screening kits sent to members and distributed at neighborhood centers in 2023


clinics held in communities with our mobile health programs in 2023

HCSC- Mom cuddles newborn.

Improving maternal and infant health

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Food Security

Addressing food access and nutrition

Reliable access to nutritious food is essential to health and wellness. To help meet this need, we invest in Feeding America and community-based organizations that buy and distribute fresh food and provide culturally appropriate education and support.

“We want to make sure that every Oklahoma child has sufficient, nutritious meals three times a day, seven days a week."

Chris Bernard

President and CEO, Hunger Free Oklahoma

Local Focus

Investing in hyperlocal solutions

Access to care and resources varies greatly across our states, which include large urban areas and wide expanses of rural communities. We’re driving change with local organizations that have the expertise and perspective needed to meet diverse needs.

"Particularly in rural communities, the echoes of mental health struggles often go unheard."

Dr. Peter Thompson, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, where an HCSC grant is helping expand access to telepsychiatry

Economic Opportunity

Investing in economic opportunity and stability

It’s hard to focus on health without stable income, access to jobs, and chances to gain new skills and grow. With our major grant program and jobs in communities across our states, we’re advancing economic opportunity and stability.


projected food-related job placements through investment in Feeding America


potential jobs at our new Pilsen center in Chicago, focused on bilingual roles


offices across five states