Leadership View

For more than eight decades, HCSC has demonstrated a strong commitment to stand with our members and communities. Two constants over that time have been our strong local presence and deeply rooted relationships, which have enabled us to better understand and help overcome the unique challenges to accessing care that exist within some of our communities.

We strive to create long-term sustainable pathways to better health for all those in our communities. That is why we continue to stand with our members by improving access, affordability and the health care experience. Through outreach and investments, focusing on both face-to-face engagement and our role as a force multiplier with local partners, we can realize what the power of collective action and community mobilization can do for our communities. For example, to address the needs of our communities in 2020, we opened additional Blue Door Neighborhood Centers to increase access to health and wellness programming, started the COVID-19 Community Collaboration Fund, volunteered over 80,000 hours at local nonprofits and community partners, and much more. 

We are proud of the important difference we continued to make across our five states this past year. As the world faced a pandemic, we worked to close the gaps in health care and address health inequities and basic needs. On behalf of our 24,000 dedicated employees, I invite you to learn more about how we are building on our legacy of caring for our members and communities in our Corporate Social Responsibility report.


Maurice Smith

President and CEO, HCSC


Jill Wolowitz

Chief Administrative Officer, HCSC