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BCBS Settlement Update

In October 2020, Health Care Service Corporation was part of a class action settlement in a case brought by Blue Cross Blue Shield subscribers related to licensing agreements within the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System. While we reject claims made by the plaintiffs in the case, we agreed to provide monetary payments to eligible individuals and groups and to make some operational changes across the Blue Cross and Blue Shield system.


Damages class members may receive notice by email or mail advising them of their rights under the settlement, including how and where they can submit a claim for a settlement payment. You may also see or hear advertising related to the settlement on TV, radio, in print, as well as online.

Notification and all corresponding resources are managed by the plaintiffs, through their notice and claims administrator, JND Legal Administration.

Individuals or groups who have questions about the settlement, including whether they may be a member of the damages class and eligible for a payment, should use one of three resources to find out more:

  1. The settlement website is
  2. The toll-free settlement hotline is 1-888-681-1142
  3. The email address is

These resources are the best sources of information related to the class action settlement.

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