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Nation’s Largest Member Owned Health Plan to Launch Epic Platform to Improve Patient and Provider Experience

New technology will enhance exchange of health data to empower patients and providers, improve quality of care and lower health care costs

CHICAGO – Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company (HCSC) will launch a new health information platform through Epic—establishing a two-way exchange of information at the point of care between HCSC and providers in our networks who use Epic. This agreement is one of the first of its kind between Epic and a large insurer, designed to create a secure, interconnected and efficient health system and information exchange between insurers, providers, and patients. The platform is designed to improve the delivery of care to patients and improve physicians’ interactions with patients.

HCSC’s agreement with Epic will establish a secure Payer Platform, for two-way exchange of information between HCSC health plans and providers who use Epic to:

  • Review patient data (medical records, emergency room visits, diagnostic evaluations, lab results, claims, etc.).
  • Streamline administrative processes, such as prior authorizations, paying claims, and other points of service.
  • Facilitate a care management strategy and identify gaps in care, helping patients make smart care choices that will help reduce personal health care costs.

Our strong networks of community providers in our states is the reason we can help our members access high-quality, affordable health care. Our providers are on the front lines of care delivery, member health management, and member satisfaction. We are committed to helping our providers deliver quality care for our members.

“Sharing insights between payers and providers at the point of care is a great way to make a real difference in patient care and lower health costs,” said Krishna Ramachandran, Vice President of Provider Performance at HCSC. “This agreement will help advance access to a truly integrated value-based care delivery system, while giving our providers and members actionable information to make more informed care decisions.”

Epic is an electronic health record (EHR) vendor whose software is used by more than two thirds of providers and patients across the country. More than 250 million individuals worldwide have a medical record with Epic.  

“This relationship connects the provider, the payer, and the patient in a trusted network,” said Alan Hutchison, Vice President of Population Health at Epic. “It will enable a more robust, data-driven approach to improving patient health. It will also streamline administrative processes such as the authorization process for providers, so patients can receive more timely access to appropriate care.”

We recognize the unique challenges facing providers and hospitals during the COVID-19 outbreak and HCSC has implemented several temporary policies to support providers and speed delivery of care for our members when it’s needed most.

As our network providers, hospital partners, and members continue to address the implications of COVID-19, this agreement presents a tremendous opportunity to streamline care across the entire health system based on best practices in all possible areas. The Payer Platform helps support interoperability and promotes integration between the insurer and providers on behalf of patients. An integrated health system accelerates efficient sharing of health data within and outside HCSC—helping to avoid duplication of testing and streamlining administrative tasks while improving continuity and quality of care.  

The Payer Platform will launch later this year for select providers and health systems across HCSC’s five states who already use Epic. This agreement represents HCSC’s ongoing commitment to enhance the exchange of health information to improve patient outcomes and experience with their health care.

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