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HCSC’s Women Improving the Strength of the Enterprise business resource group encouraged women to share their unique and inspiring stories during a March 1 event kicking off Women’s History Month.

Women Leaders Are Influencing the Path Forward at HCSC

Lauren Macklis arrived at Health Care Service Corporation at a time of dramatic change in the health care industry. It was 2010, not long after the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

She found her footing with her manager’s mentorship, and then quickly discovered what she calls “pockets of the smartest people in health care” across the company.

“I’m grateful to have a network of incredible women who could be running companies on their own and choose to invest their energy and talent into making HCSC a leading health care company,” says Macklis, who was named president of individual and family markets in 2022. “For me, that’s what makes this a special place.”

Women leaders like Macklis are helping create a healthier future for HCSC employees, members and the communities the company serves.

Lauren Macklis

Inclusive leadership helps connect the company with its communities, says Manika Turnbull, senior vice president and chief human resources officer at HCSC.

“What HCSC works toward — and what I believe in — is promoting the best, most talented and capable people in leadership positions,” Turnbull says. “Our long-standing and ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion results in leadership throughout HCSC that reflects the diversity of the places where our members and employees live and work.”

The company’s Women Improving the Strength of the Enterprise (WISE) business resource group empowers its members to foster change and drive success across the company. Throughout March, WISE chapters in all five plan states hosted special events encouraging women to bring their perspectives to work, along with presentations and discussions supporting women’s health.

Those individual experiences help HCSC’s women leaders personalize care and experiences for members and employer customers.

Manika Turnbull

Dr. Monica Berner has been a fervent advocate of women’s health care. As HCSC’s chief clinical officer and a family physician with 12 years of patient care experience, she knows furthering women’s health benefits everyone.

“When you look at the population as a whole and consider what we need to do to improve overall health and women’s health, maternal and infant care is an area we need to address,” she says. “It’s simply looking at the data and wanting to improve.”

A rising number of women are experiencing complications during pregnancy and childbirth in the U.S. To help close gaps in care for these populations, HCSC has identified maternal and infant care as one of six priority areas to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Dr. Monica Berner

“It’s important to have leaders, clinicians and others who can connect with women in their communities and help them make wise decisions,” Berner says. “I’m excited to see what kind of changes we can make in our communities to improve the health of both moms and babies.”

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