• Learning & Growth

    We are committed to investing in our people. As our company and industry continue to change, our most valuable asset remains the same — our employees. Building capabilities that help employees better serve our members is key to our long-term success. We seek talented individuals passionate about the work they do, and the impact they seek, as they progress in their careers.

  • Learning is at the Heart of What We Do

    Blue UniversitySM is the central hub of a learning ecosystem that continually regenerates, replenishes, and refreshes to help employees build skills that are relevant and current.

    More than just classrooms or online courses, it’s the mindset that learning and growing is constant, building those necessary future skills to better serve our members. It’s home to several colleges organized around core business functions to help employees learn more about our company, our industry and our business through various experiences. 


  • Continuing Your Formal Education Journey

    An important part of our employees’ development journey may be continuing their formal education with accredited colleges, universities or certification entities. Blue University offers all eligible employees up to $5,250 per year in tuition reimbursement for coursework towards degree programs and certifications at accredited institutions.

  • Educational Partnerships

    We have established partnerships with select universities that may offer discounts, tuition deferment and/or application fee waivers to our employees. We also partner with accredited institutions that provide lower cost options for obtaining college credit, including credit for work and military experience.

  • Onboarding

    Your participation in Blue University will begin before your first day, when you'll receive helpful information to prepare you for your new job through our online onboarding tool. The first day orientation introduces you to our purpose-driven culture. Our 90-day onboarding programs are available for all employees, including specific focus areas for new leaders.

  • Professional Development

    Blue University’s College of Business and Leadership Academy provide all employees with resources to help develop their business literacy, personal and professional effectiveness, leadership skills, and technical skills.

    In addition, Blue University provides free access to research databases spanning thousands of business, academic, and clinical resources. Membership organizations such as our company-sponsored Toastmasters Clubs offer a supportive environment to practice the art of speaking, listening and thinking, as well as the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

  • Leadership Development

    Blue University's Leadership Academy provides onboarding, development and experiential learning offerings to supervisors through executives to support and enhance our leadership capabilities.

    We develop purpose-driven leaders for today and tomorrow by providing development opportunities, tools, and resources that empower us to:

    • Live our Purpose
    • Engage with People
    • Adapt for the Future
    • Drive Results
  • Careers

    Guided by a visionary leadership team that values new ways of thinking and the power of original thought for competitive advantage, our careers for experienced professionals or new hires into the workplace encourage resourceful, strategic thought, empower, and allow you to make concrete impact in the lives of our members and their communities.

  • Experienced Careers

    If you are ready to make a decision about your next job opportunity, we have a variety of Career Areas you can explore to imagine new ways to think about work and reimagine your career.

  • Internship & New Graduate Programs

    Our internship program attracts emerging talent with the ultimate goal of converting interns into full-time employees.

    These programs are designed to:

    • Have a foundational entry level program for the departments within the division(s) that is highly structured.
    • Create a solid foundation for performance excellence.
    • Position our most talented and high performing employees for mobility upward or laterally.

    Learn more about eligibility for consideration in one of our many opportunities and what you can anticipate from our programs through our Internships page.


We understand how important finding the right career is to you and the process can feel overwhelming at times.

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