At HCSC, we want to provide well-being to you and your loved ones through a generous benefits offering, one that will provide essential support and help you succeed personally and professionally.

  • Work-Life Flexibility | Time Off


    We offer 16 paid holidays, including floating well-being and diversity days, which provide you the opportunity to celebrate the most meaningful times with people who mean the most to you.

    Personal Time Off (PTO)

    PTO is accrued bi-weekly and based on years of service and level of position, starting at a minimum of 10 days annually for full-time employees. HCSC also offers employees the opportunity to buy an additional week of PTO for greater flexibility during open enrollment.


    We want to help our employees balance their careers and personal lives. Our flexible work options make that possible. Flex-time schedules and work-from-home opportunities are available for many roles at HCSC. We invest in technologies that support collaboration and productivity, whether you're at the office, on the road or at home. You can learn more about flexible work arrangements for a specific job during the interview process.

    Parental Leave

    Adding a member to your family is an exciting and busy time. Employees with one year of service are eligible for up to six weeks of 100% company paid parental leave, which applies equally to mothers and fathers, both birth parents and those who adopt children.

    Paid Military Leave

    In special recognition of employees who also serve their country in the military, HCSC provides the benefits to employees who take a leave of absence to serve in the uniformed services during the war. HCSC will supplement the pay the employee receives for his or her regular base pay at the time of call to active duty, for up to 12 months of active duty.

    Bereavement Leave

    We provide up to four days of bereavement leave to full-time employees on the date of hire for a death in the immediate family.

  • Financial Well-Being

    Pension Plan

    HCSC continues to offer a cash balance, company-funded pension plan to our eligible employees. You make no contributions and since it's a defined benefit plan, you don't have any investment risk. You automatically become a participant after one year of eligible service and vested after three years. Even if you leave the company before normal retirement age, you'll keep your vested benefit earned during your HCSC career. For qualified employees, HCSC contributes to the Plan on a gradually increasing sliding scale based on age, starting at 3 percent of your base pay.

    401(k) Plan

    The HCSC 401(k) Plan and Pension Plan are designed to work in tandem. The 401(k) Plan provides a way for eligible employees to automatically save with pre-tax contributions. Company match is on a dollar-for-dollar basis for the first one percent of eligible earnings and 50 percent on the next five percent of eligible earnings, per paycheck. That’s a company match of up to 3.5 percent when you contribute 6 percent or more. You'll benefit from the power of tax-deferred compounded growth and high-quality investment options available through Empower (formerly Prudential Retirement).

    Life and AD&D

    Qualified HCSC employees enjoy company-paid life insurance and AD&D coverage.

    Dependent Life Coverage

    Several levels of dependent life coverage are available for employees who are either married and/or have children.

    Flexible Spending Accounts

    Flexible Spending Account programs allow you to set aside pre-tax money to pay for health care and dependent care expenses throughout the benefit year.

    Short-Term Disability & Long-Term Disability

    We provide Short-Term Disability & Long-Term Disability benefits to help you regain your wellness in the event of an injury or other health issue which prevents you from working.


    Most HCSC office locations have free or discounted parking or shuttle service available for employees.

    Transportation Reimbursement Account

    Employees can offset the cost of their commutes by setting aside pre-tax funds annually to cover transit and/or parking expenses.

  • Health and Wellness

    Medical Coverage

    We offer a choice of several of our own health insurance plans to meet the needs of you* and your family. *Coverage is provided for HCSC employees and eligible dependents. We also offer vision and dental coverage.

    Wellness Rewards

    HCSC offers monetary rewards incentive programs for achieving positive outcomes in your personal health and wellness program.

    Access to Onsite Fitness Centers

    Employees have access to our state-of-the-art fitness facilities at a discounted rate in our headquarters locations in each of our five (5) core operating states.

    On-Site Cafeterias with Healthy Options

    (Chicago, Illinois and Richardson, Texas)

    Mother's Rooms

  • Personal and Family Assistance

    Adoption Assistance

    HCSC covers up to $2,500 in eligible expenses for finalized adoptions (limited to two per calendar year) for full-time and eligible part-time employees.

  • Pay and Recognition

    Bonus Program

    When we do well as a company, we want to share our success with our employees. Our Bonus Program rewards all eligible employees based on corporate performance and the achievement of team and individual goals. Many of these goals are centered around how well we're serving our members.

    Credit Union

    Membership in our Credit Union is available to all employees. It offers our employees an excellent and convenient alternative to traditional banking resources.

    Employee Referral Program

    Our employees are our best source of great new hires! Several departments have employee referral programs to reward individuals who successfully refer talent to our organization.

  • Other Great Perks

    Volunteer Recognition & Matching Dollars

    HCSC encourages employees to track their individual and team volunteer work and recognizes volunteerism through prizes and other rewards. For every volunteer hour an employee spends with a qualified nonprofit organization, that community partner can receive $20 per hour in matching dollars — up to $2,000 annually. And that can go a long way toward feeding the hungry, immunizing children and even building a playground. Just ask our partners!

    Employee Assistance Program

    Confidential counseling is made available to all employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can gain access to referrals for key services, discounts with partners and helpful information to help manage your personal commitments.

    Group Legal Service

    Participating employees enrolled in this program receive telephone legal consultation, in-office legal services and financial planning assistance.


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